The Anglo-Eastern Maritime Training Centre (AEMTC) in Mumbai is certified under the DNV Quality Assurance rules for certification of training centers. These rules cover all relevant parts of ISO 9001:2000 requirements.

The training centre occupies over 17,000 sq.ft. of space and is equipped with a very modern 50 seat soundproof auditorium with LAN connection at every table. It is also a fully authorized centre for Bridge Resource Management training.

AEMTC runs many approved training courses which are approved by certifying bodies in UK and India. The training centre is equipped with full mission Navigation, Engine, GMDSS , Liquid and Gas Cargo handling simulators. Bridge team management courses are run with the aid of simulators.

It has added the Machinery Space Area for practical training which includes running generators, purifiers, oily water separators, turbochargers, compressors, pumps etc.

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