Anglo-Eastern’s dedicated operations team, including Master Mariners, closely supports the efficient management of ships for our clients.

We manage:

  • Voyage Monitoring
  • Insurance Arrangements
  • Security Arrangements
  • Claim Handling 
  • Ship Vetting
  • Vessel Certificates
  • Port Agency
  • Miscellaneous Matters
  • Post Fixture Services

Anglo-Eastern's Operations team work closely with our various other departments and is at the heart of everyday ship operations, understanding all the requirements pertaining to specific clients, ships, voyages, etc. 

We will manage the handling and processing of claims, tailored to the requirements of the respective owners with particular regard to the engagement of salvage or towage services, declaration of general average, appointment of expert consultants, lawyers, and others as and when required.

Ship Management

Technical management is our core business, to which we contribute over four decades of experience and a relentless focus on safety.

IT Systems

We provide quality, creative and cost effective systems to support our global business.


We believe in continuous improvement of our quality standards via our independent internal auditing system.

Education & Training

The Group has made a long standing commitment to investing in training facilities from cadet level upwards.


Our dedicated operations team closely supports the efficient management of ships for our clients.

Crew Management

We offer unparalleled, direct access to well trained personnel of all ranks through the Group’s presence in India, the Philippines, China and Eastern Europe.